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Since 1988, JA has delivered difference to the field of Employee Benefits through truly innovative solutions accompanied by vision, clarity, and guidance. Built on a foundation of focused and talented experts, this core strength allows us to deliver an unsurpassed experience helping clients understand and experience the difference in having a true benefits partner.

JA believes that each employee’s journey has a destination unique to them and that success is determined not only by what we deliver but in how we get there. We truly believe that as a team we create a certain magic, the JA Magic, experienced through our culture and accentuated by how we deliver.

We invite you to join us for your Journey Ahead.

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Things Our Employees Say

I was attracted to JA Benefits because of its reputation. Anyone that you talk to in Bedford was talking about how good of a place it was to work at. The constant learning and energy make it so that no two days are ever the same.

It really is the people. The people are very open to conversation and always willing to help with any problems I may encounter. They really love the work they do.

I worked in places before that say we’re a team, but it was all lip service, and JA really means it when they say we work as a team. My favorite part of my day is working with our clients and providing outstanding customer service because we can make a meaningful difference.

I love too many things about JA. There’s not one specific thing I don’t like about JA. It’s more of a family culture. The culture is to support each other and not just yourself.

I love working at JA because they are a family-focused organization and always allow us to attend family events.

At JA, it’s a ‘real friendships’ and a ‘real team’ feel here. Everyone is here for each other.

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Employee Benefits Advisor at JA Benefits

Indiana full-time Recent Graduate sales Seasoned Pro
In an average lifetime, a person will spend 90,360 hours working. Choosing your employer should be a weighty decision. At

HR Generalist – Staffing & Development at JA Benefits

Indiana full-time Seasoned Pro
In an average lifetime, a person will spend 90,360 hours working. Choosing your employer should be a weighty decision. At

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From a soon-to-be-graduate to the seasoned professional, JA has a career path for you. At JA, we believe the unique characteristics that ‘make you, you’ is what makes us strong. Vetting candidates for cultural fit is critically important to JA as we assemble a dynamic team that works together to create what we like to call the JA Magic. Come talk to us and find out what the JA Magic is all about.

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